Words That Start with C for Business

As I write this, one of the main articles in today`s Wall Street Journal is « John Malone Eyes Content Consolidation by Liberty. » A few days ago, Intel`s acquisition of Altera for nearly $17 billion was echoed in the press. With that in mind, Broadcom was recently acquired for $37 billion as the chip market adapts to a world increasingly dominated by cloud computing and the rapid transition of consumers to mobile devices. On a smaller scale, there was also Twitter`s recent acquisition of live streaming app Periscope. Compiling a list of current consolidation examples is not a difficult task. Contingency – a future event or circumstance that is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty. 8 « C-words » associated with today`s successful businesses Credit Default Swaps – a financial derivative or contract that allows an investor to « trade » or offset their credit risk with that of another investor. To start and run a business, you often need to understand business terms that may not be well defined in a standard dictionary. Our glossary of business terms provides definitions for common terminology and acronyms in business plans, accounting, finance and other aspects of small business. For companies of all sizes, consolidation is both an opportunity and a challenge. The changing competitive landscape often brought about by such combinations can pose an immediate threat to long-term growth or even sustainability. At the same time, consolidation offers many companies an exit opportunity for companies and provides liquidity outside the public markets.

If your business is the acquirer, an acquisition can provide a source of technology and talent that can accelerate your strategic roadmap. Or it can lead to an integration nightmare where cultures collide, expected cost savings never happen, and the value of your business quickly goes in the wrong direction. Words like « excitement » and « synergy » are replaced by terms like « sell » and « write. » Does your company bring creativity to every stage of your business and leverage the inherent creativity of your team members? The longest list of positive words starting with the letter C in alphabetical order. CAJOLED, CALM, SOOTHING, SOOTHING, CALM, TRANQUILITY, . Well, simply put, digital technology has broken down the walls where text, audio, and video can be delivered directly and instantly to consumers around the world. Apart from the business model and piracy issues this has created for traditional media players, it has also created the opportunity and expectation that your business will have a more direct relationship with your consumers. Consumer Price Index (CPI) – measures the average change in prices over time that consumers pay for a basket of goods and services. But people want more than just advertising on these new channels.

They expect a certain level of relationship and commitment. This is where content can be essential. Content in this sense is defined as words and/or images that provide information and context about why, where, and how of what you are selling. This is content that attracts email recipients and can motivate them to visit a website or mobile app or social media platform – and in most cases, buy something. And consumers, especially millennials, are saying (with their wallets) that if I don`t have that connection to your business, I could go somewhere else to a competitor who does. Community and other C words to build a business. We`ve created our Start Your Own Business (SYOB) course to help you get started with . From writing sales texts, internal communication and mission statements to other company-related content, using the right words will help you demonstrate professionalism and get the answer you want. Does your business solve a problem that consumers appreciate and are you the first and/or best when it comes to providing the convenience that comes with it? If you are the first, do you think about the future to always be the best? If you`re an entrepreneur starting a business or has a business at an early stage, put that « C word » at the top of your to-do list. The crop, like weeds, will grow and spread on its own.

Thinking about it from the beginning gives you the opportunity to shape the culture instead of later realizing that your organization looks, feels, and operates in a way that doesn`t fit your vision. Believe me, shaping a culture when you`re starting and building a business is much easier to manage than trying to change a deep-rooted culture later. I worked in the early days of interactive television. I was convinced that « interactivity » would be the word in the distribution and monetization of entertainment. Admittedly, interactivity is a big problem in today`s digital world. As a simple example, I voted online or by phone/SMS to help my favorites win in TV contest shows. But the dominant word in today`s content distribution and consumption is really control. We want to watch TV shows and movies (assuming there is a big difference between these two formats nowadays), how, when and where we want to consume them. We spoil ourselves. We « zap » commercials and watch our favorite movies and shows « on demand. » This genie came out of the bottle, forever. www.mentalfloss.com/article/75622/40-cracking-c-words-complement-your-vocabulary While the recent « fight of the century » between Mayweather and Pacquiao may have turned out to be anything but that, the most interesting part for me was the technical snafu that delayed the start of the fight.

Given that the massive television audience accounted for the bulk of the wrestling revenue, there was no way the fight would begin without the show reaching the television screens of cable and satellite customers who had spent their $100. So, in a sense, it was the huge clientele of home viewers who were in charge of a major sporting event – much to the chagrin of those who were sitting in the arena. Raw material – a raw material or agricultural primary product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee. So, yes, creativity is an obvious and necessary part of advertising and social media. But I also like to look at it in the broader context of so many aspects of the business: Scrum as a more agile and effective project management concept is a very creative process. The creativity behind Elon Musk`s product design and the technology behind tesla is incredible. How has the creativity of the original iPhone design changed the category of mobile phones? A visit to Zappos` headquarters provides a sign of creativity to motivate people to provide excellent customer service. In fact, creativity, when applied to people, processes and products, is a powerful thing.

And the best companies have engines that cater to all those creative cylinders. Tom is an accomplished media, entertainment and technology executive with over two decades of diverse experience in entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial operations and consulting. Most recently, he was Chief Operating Officer of Outlook Amusements, a marketing and technology company focused on consulting products and services. During his tenure, Outlook achieved consistent double-digit profitable growth while becoming an industry leader. Central Bank – a national bank that provides financial and banking services to the government and commercial banking system of its country, implements the government`s monetary policy and issues money. The desire for control is a powerful and instinctive human behavior. It is the close cousin of convenience. We`ve all read the famous quote attributed to Peter Drucker: « Culture eats strategy at breakfast. » I do not really believe that literally, although I also believe that it was not meant to be interpreted strictly. Strategy and culture are attached to the hip, so there is no need to debate who the chariot is and who the horse is. It takes both to move forward. .