What Does a Third Party Logistics Company Do

Third Party Logistics and Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) are both purchased professional services that help companies plan and execute logistics initiatives. A 3PL can do more than just book your company`s freight – it acts as an extension of your transportation department. In some cases, the 3PL can handle all the transport functions of a client company. To learn more and see first-hand how a 3PL can help you manage your logistics, contact us today for a free transportation cost analysis. This is because your expansion is directly related to your use of key logistics services, which often leads to more effective campaigns. In addition, it is useful for your partner agency to have an overview of all aspects of your operation, and it can serve as a one-stop shop for busy contractors. Note: A 3PL is different from an on-demand warehouse company that only fits you with excess space in different warehouses without managing logistics centers itself. Logistics is the main competence of external logistics service providers. Suppliers may have better knowledge and expertise than the manufacturing or sales company, and may also have more global networks that allow for greater efficiency in terms of time and cost. Working with an external logistics provider offers many advantages. Here are some of the most commonly mentioned benefits of working with a 3PL. There are countless external logistics service providers to choose from, and choosing the right one for your business is essential.

It`s important to remember that if you`re working with a 3PL, you`re adding an extension to your business, so choose wisely. At the most basic level, 3PLs offer logistics services to support certain aspects – sometimes all aspects – of shipping operations. Typically, 3PL suppliers are integrated into a company`s warehouse and transportation operations. There are many advantages to outsourcing execution to a 3PL. While different 3PL companies have different capabilities, all 3PLs offer inventory, packaging, and shipping management solutions that ultimately provide reliable logistics systems and help maximize a company`s profitability. It is important to note that these third-party companies work with many customers, so they book logistics services in bulk. Due to their total volume, they benefit from sharply reduced prices of truck, shipping and railway lines. Even with their mark-up, the fees of 3PL providers are consistently lower than what you would pay directly with an operator.

Execution by third parties may also be called order processing or e-commerce fulfillment. In this business model, you have upfront costs for purchasing and storing products, but your cost of goods sold is lower than the drop shipping model. When preparing a RFP to find the right 3PL, make sure it`s as descriptive as possible, what your company does, who its customers are, and what other information is essential to finding the right 3PL. The more detailed information you provide, the easier it is to choose the right fulfillment service provider. Now let`s take a closer look. But the 3PL execution process should not and should not be a secret! An external 3PL logistics service provider supports certain transport operations and supply chain functions of a company. Although the main skill of a 3PL is the transport of goods, it also offers additional logistics services. A 4PL provider is essentially a 3PL with extensive functionality. It has emerged as a service for companies that need more coverage in terms of logistics and supply chain management. As a general rule, 4PL offer a wide range of services and have more responsibilities and responsibilities. Third-party logistics warehouses are designed to maximize speed and efficiency. As your business grows, they can handle the extra volume and you can increase your capacity without hiring additional staff.

A 3PL can work with you to reduce your shipping costs and delivery times. When you use a 3PL business to run your ecommerce, you get experience and focus. 3PLs have the ability to make changes to any connection in the supply chain if necessary. The company benefits from the continuous improvement of its logistics process when it outsources a logistics company. Apparently, one of the main goals of using a 3PL is optimization. These companies analyze your supply chain and operations, and can identify gaps and inconsistencies that help you optimize processes. A 3rd party logistics company goes through every step of your supply chain to define the unnecessary process and find the potential for cost savings. Order fulfillment, preparation and packaging may take place between different nodes in the supply chain, as part of e-commerce or drop shipping orders, to be routed to 3PL customers or other logistics service providers, or as part of retail or other commercial services. Outsourcing your execution is a great way to increase the capacity and reach of your ecommerce business. You don`t need to hire additional staff, but you`ll be able to do more. You only pay for the services and storage space you need.

And you bring professionals with you to manage your logistics. Your 3PL warehouse professionals can take your execution processes to the next level. Third-party logistics service providers can offer greater flexibility for geographic distribution and potentially offer a wider variety of services that customers could provide themselves. Postal services and private couriers generally take distance into account when calculating shipping costs. Many 3PL suppliers market the advantage of so-called zone skipping to potential customers, as it shortens the distance between products to be shipped and customers, reducing shipping costs. [21] It also allows companies to manage their resources, including the number of employees, in a more predictable way and convert fixed costs into variable costs. [19] When most or all of the operational functions are outsourced to a 3PL supplier, it is generally not necessary for the customer to have its own warehouse or transport facility, which reduces the amount of capital required for the customer`s business. This is especially advantageous when a company`s warehouse has large fluctuations in capacity utilization, which leads to excessive buyback of storage capacity and reduces profitability. Here`s what you need to know about using 3PLs for your business: Third-party providers refer to the fact that you outsource the fulfillment of your orders. They do not own the warehouse. Instead, you rent shelf space for your products in a large warehouse where products from multiple companies are stored. Warehouse employees receive your products and store them.

They choose items from the shelves to fulfill orders and pack them safely for shipping. .